Bincombe Cutting – N Gauge

Bincombe Cutting had been in production for some years by the time the photos below were taken!

Towards the end of 2015, having missed the deadline for the Weymouth exhibition, it was realised that the layout was deteriorating badly, the boards were showing signs of warpage and the tracks needed constant alignment adjustment. Further investigation revealed that the boards were failing structurally. Faced with the choice of scrapping the entire layout or replacing the structure, the N gauge team carefully extracted all the scenery from the boards, removed the damaged fibre board structure and replaced with plywood to increase rigidity, laid down a cork track base and then installed brand new track. The layout was then completely rewired and the existing scenery was carefully re-integrated into the layout, with a station added at the West end of the layout.

The layout is a sectional, tail-chasing layout with four running loops. The fiddle yard is configured so that each of the four potential operators can have one complete train running and two stored, potentially 12 different combinations of running stock!

The work to repair the layout, and bring it up to exhibition standard was completed by the N gauge group in under twelve months and the layout has now appeared at several of our exhibitions!