Yeovil Pen Mill OO gauge

The station approach with a GW diesel railcar aka “Flying Banana” in Pen Mill’s bay platform

This Weymouth MRA’s layout is based on Yeovil Pen Mill, Somerset, UK during the Great Western Railway Company ownership in the 1937-41 time period. Motive power is almost entirely steam outline. The layout depicts the line from Weymouth which crosses the River Yeo, passes under the Sherborne Road bridge and into the station. From the station and goods handling area, the line is modelled to just beyond the North signal box in the direction of Westbury.


With all the buildings built from scratch, the layout has been some time in coming to fruition and there’s still final touches to the scenic-work outstanding. The loco sheds with turntable, a further extension to the layout, are currently under construction by the OO Pen Mill Group.

Operator’s view of the Weymouth end of the station – interesting diversion for the Cornish Riviera; it begs the question whether the Westbury slip portion has gone on to Penzance!

The following photographs of the layout are presented in nominal north (Westbury) to south (Weymouth) order.

Northern approach to Pen Mill – Breakdown train in siding and allotments beyond. Goods shed just visible in the distance.


Another view of the northern approach with a Down goods hauled by a Collett 0-6-0.

Down goods now passing through the station. Empty coaching stock on the Down loop and “Flying Banana” in the bay platform.

Operator’s view of the lines passing the goods shed. A “Hall” 4-6-0 hauled Up train through to Paddington leaves Pen Mill as a local goods in the charge of a small 2-6-2 Prairie Tank arrives.

Close up of Pen Mill’s signal box and goods shed from the operator’s side of the layout.

Operator’s view of the Pen Mill’s goods shed with a small prairie hauled B set setting off towards Westbury whilst an 0-6-0 Pannier tank arrives with a pick-up goods.

View along the public side of the layout looking in the direction of Weymouth with an 0-4-2 tank plus auto-coaches standing at the Up platform. Roof of goods shed in foreground.

Bird’s eye view (operator side) of the station area with a “Castle” 4-6-0 hauled express in the Up platform.

Close-up from the operator’s side of the main platforms at Pen Mill. “Flying Banana” hauled local in the Up platform.

View of the Weymouth end of the station.

Close-up of the southern end of the station with its unusual over-bridge.

Bird’s eye view of the southern end of the layout with a Weymouth bound goods train passing through.

View of the bridge carrying the Sherborne Road over the running lines to Weymouth. A 2-6-2 small Prairie hauled goods just about to pass under the bridge.

Southern approach to Pen Mill. Down goods disappearing into the fiddle yard as a 48XX 0-4-2 hauling a pair of auto-coaches crosses the bridge over the River Yeo. The point in the foreground provides access to the MPD which is under construction.

00 gauge layout portraying the station as it was in the 1940s

00 gauge layout portraying the station as it was in the 1940s

00 gauge layout portraying the station as it was in the 1940s

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